What is Pantri?

Pantri is a late-night virtual convenience store run out of student rooms, creating a new option that is faster and closer than typical convenience delivery and also is an income opportunity for students involved in holding the inventory.

How does it work?

We store our items in your neighbors pantries and when you order from us, we tell you where in your building to pick it up. Get your items in as little as 5 minutes without pesky delivery fees and high minimum orders!

Why did we make Pantry?

Too many times we were craving a snack or a drink late at night, with most stores closed and Gheav and Delivery apps extorting our wallets. It doesn't make sense to deliver a couple of items across a city late at night. We are able to charge lower prices while compensating our nodes by reducing the need for expensive storefronts and other expenses. 

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